ODCOACH Services

  • Individual and team coaching for Integrative Leadership Formation, Development & Change: We provide specialist individual and group/team coaching for integrative leadership development (face to face AND online) for leaders/managers AND their teams. This enables clients to navigate disruptive change, and transitions. Team/group coaching contributes to economies of scale, fosters learning through shared lived organisational experiences and development of insights, growth, and unlocks the unconscious creative potential towards leadership effectiveness and authentic action. By using specialised coaching in depth and experiential learning ignites the transformative experiences in organisations.

  • Executive / Leadership Coaching for Transition, Growth & Change: We provide specialist one on one Executive & team coaching (face to face AND online) to help build high performing teams, whilst enhancing leadership effectiveness, business success and cultural change. We also help executive teams make sense of the dynamics that may reduce their creative potential towards an eco-leadership- cultural mindset.

  • Organisation Development, Change & Coaching: ODCOACH uses a systemic, exploratory lens in providing action research, group process consultation and experiential learning to enable our clients to effect sustainable change on the individual, group, and organisational level. We engage collaboratively with our clients (face to face preferably AND online) in exploring conscious and unconscious systemic dynamic behavioral processes (leadership, culture, strategy, values, system, technology) impacting the client system. One of the key OD interventions is a coaching in depth, group/team coaching approach that uses a depth organisational theory, evidence based, science-reflective practitioner approach. Other key OD interventions / solutions like change management, and culture change is co-crafted fit for our client’s purpose, need and context(s).

  • Project leadership capability building workshops: We facilitate workshops to help and empower project leaders/managers together with their project teams to harness the people side of projects and improve project team functioning towards overall project success and benefit realisation.

  • Specialised group coaching supervision: We provide specialist group supervision encounters for internal/external OD, HR business partners, consultants, line manager/leader as coach AND coaching practitioners.