Quality & Delivery-ODCOACH

How we go about doing what we do?

ODCOACH’s unique coaching value proposition is integrating the transforming experiences framework (Long, 2016); SPEGCP (Parsadh, 2020) and Analytic Network Coaching System (Western, 2012) into the Coaching in Depth meta frame for Executive/Management/ & Teams. Our unique approach is anchored in depth organisational theory, systems psychodynamics, social constructionism, narrative, organisational role analysis AND Eco Leadership (Western, 2008). These various strands are weaved together as we help, enable and empower our clients for organisational well-being, effectiveness and success. The sense making on organisational lived experiences helps our clients to re-imagine leadership, authority, role, boundary and networks towards authentic actionable leadership & cultural insights and growth – this helps to foster collaboration, trust, interconnectedness, and authenticity. The OD approach is anchored in action research and group process consultation using a systemic lens together with an eclectic integrative organisational psychological perspective fit for client purpose/need and context.