Welcome to ODCOACH

ODCOACH is founded on the belief by helping individuals, groups and organisations to explore their systemic, dynamic eco-leadership and culture, they become empowered to effect business success, environmental and organisational well-being. ODCOACH values colloaboration with our clients, as we socially construct and make meaning of disruptive change and complexity. When leaders/managers and their teams explore the person-role-system-context, insights are gained on relationship & relatedness on the various systems/sub-systems and networks. These insights can lead to transformative experiences, learnings, growth, and authentic action to occur.

Clients learn how to take up roles (also roles held in the mind) more effectively in relation to the system, context, and sources that shape transformative organisational experiences. When clients make sense of the unconscious and conscious systemic dynamic processes and desires on leadership, culture, and change, new insights, growth, and well-being can occur towards organisational and business success. ODCOACH uses integrative socio-analytic and psychoanalytic methods in diagnostic, intervention design and delivery. The work we do, is aimed to help our clients unleash their unconscious creative potential towards sustainable change, business success and societal impact.